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Frymate Deep Fryer Filters

Frymate is a global company that produces high-quality deep fryer filters for the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our custom fryer screen products can be found in commercial kitchens all over the world. We’ve created cooking oil filters that are unique, easy to use, durable, and also affordable. We take pride in serving our customers and providing them with the value-based products they need to operate efficiently while saving money.

Today’s restaurants face many different challenges. Keeping costs down but quality up are top priorities. Frymate created our fryer screen designs to help restaurateurs and related businesses manage their cooking oil more efficiently. By using a Frymate filter with their deep fryers, restaurants can extend the use of their oil by keeping it cleaner longer. Our filters act like a sediment screen, protecting the oil from fried bits of food that inevitably wind up dirtying the oil. Once that oil becomes sullied by particles, it can affect the taste of food, forcing kitchen staff to dispose of it.

By using a Frymate filter with your commercial deep fryer, you can extend its use safely by up to 40% longer without sacrificing the quality or taste of the food you serve. Our deep fryer screen products are value-based and will pay for themselves quickly with the money you save on cooking oil expenses.

Commercial kitchens and restaurants choose Frymate deep fryer filters because they fit seamlessly with their fryer tray and work with ease. Our patented deep fryer screens are easy to use and crafted with durability in mind. Customers use them again and again because they keep oil cleaner longer and enhance the functionality of their deep fryers. Browse our selection of Frymate filters to find options that suit your deep fryer or send us your fryer tray measurements and we’ll create a custom fryer filter design for you.