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Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Deep Fryer Filters

If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you are likely aware of escalating costs. Not only are food ingredient incurring steep increases, but even cooking oil costs are on the rise. How can you protect your kitchen’s profitability? One way to reduce your cooking oils expenses each month is to purchase high-quality deep fryer filters from Frymate. Our fryer filters allow you to extend the life of your cooking oil without compromising its quality. You can expect great-tasting food without overspending on supplies like cooking oil.

Frymate cooking oil filters are constructed from quality materials that can stand up to high cooking temperatures. Our deep fryer sediment screens prevent debris from dirtying the cooking oil too quickly. This allows your kitchen to use the same oil for a longer period of time. Cleaner oil means better-tasting food. It’s that simple!

Save Money with Deep Fryer Filters

Frymate designed our sediment deep fryer filters to help our customers save money on cooking oil. How much? That depends on how much oil you use on a monthly basis. We have customers who save more than a thousand dollars annually after purchasing and using our sediment oil screens. That’s a tremendous cost savings for restaurants. With an extra thousand dollars, you could revamp your website, print new menus, launch a social media marketing campaign, replace unreliable equipment, etc…What would you do for your commercial kitchen with an extra thousand dollars?

We encourage customers to start saving money on cooking oil right away with the purchase of our custom sediment cooking oil screens. Our website features a wide selection of deep fryer sediment filters. Choose the model that’s ideal for your restaurant’s fryer. If you don’t see sediment deep fryer screens in our inventory for your model filter, simply contact us. We can design your custom deep fryer sediment filters.

Food Tastes Better after Cooking with Deep Fryer Filters

Another reason to use Frymate cooking oil filters is because they keep debris out of your oil for a longer period of time. If you don’t use cooking oil filters, you’ll find that sediment fouls your oil quickly. This food debris can affect the taste of subsequent cooked foods. By using our sediment cooking oil screens each time you fry, you can protect the taste of your fried foods. Your chicken tenders won’t smell like onion rings! Your French fries will smell and taste exactly the way they should!

Frymate has a reputation throughout the food industry for our superior custom fryer filters. We’ve taken the time to design sediment oil screens that work for our customers’ needs. Now, you can save money and maintain the taste quality of your delicious fried foods. If your kitchen makes a lot of fries, fried mushrooms, chicken nuggets, and other fried cuisine, it should invest in Frymate Cooking oil filters to save money on cooking oil and produce better-tasting fried foods.

Save Time & Money with Deep Fryer Filters

Start saving money on staples like cooking oil and invest in the purchase of Frymate deep fryer sediment screens. Over the course of a few years, you can save thousands of dollars simply by using cooking oil filters every time you fry. In fact, you can recoup the cost of your new sediment cooking oil screens in a short time based on the money you’ll save on monthly cooking oil costs. You can reinvest that savings in your restaurant or save it as hard-won profits. Whatever the case may be, you’ll love having those extra dollars—and reducing your cooking oil annual expenses!

Our sediment deep fryer filters are easy to use and clean. They feature a low handle designed to enhance safety. Your kitchen staff will find them to be an essential piece of cooking equipment once they get used to using them. Remember that Frymate can design your restaurant custom sediment cooking oil screens that are a precise fit for your make and model fryer. Our design team is at the ready and always eager to create our cooking oil filters to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Start shopping on Frymate today to find high-quality deep fryer filters. If you have questions about our products and their use, just reach out and we’ll provide the information you need. We also love hearing customer feedback about how our cooking oil filters help restaurants save money on cooking oil. Share your savings story with our team!