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If you operate a commercial or restaurant kitchen, you probably can’t imagine using less cooking oil to prepare fried foods because you know that dirty oil will detract from the delicious taste of your food. By using deep fryer oil filters from Frymate, you can increase the life of your cooking oil without sacrificing the quality of your food. Frymate deep fryer filters are durably crafted and will soon pay for themselves with the money you save on cooking oil costs. Frymate deep fryer oil screens feature an innovative design that takes safety into consideration. These deep fryer oil filters will protect your cooking oil from food debris that will dirty it with subsequent uses. These screens keep your oil cleaner much longer so you don’t have to change it nearly as often.

Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Deep Fryer Oil Filters

With each use of your cooking oil, it is prone to get dirtier ad dirtier until it’s no longer usable to fry foods you will serve to customers. This is a dilemma shared by all restaurant or cafeteria kitchens that serve fried foods like french fries, mozzarella sticks, or chicken tenders. The dilemma comes with a considerable price tag; cooking oil is not cheap. By purchasing and using Frymate deep fry filters while frying foods, you can extend the life your cooking oil by as much as 40%. With the addition of deep fryer oil screens at your deep fryer stations, you can save money simply by using less oil.

Deep Fryer Filters Save Money

When you use deep fryer filters with your fryers, you can extend the use of your cooking oil and save substantially on routine cooking oil costs. The costs of cooking oil continue to increase. Unless you scrap fried menu items, you’ll find it difficult to get more usage out of each batch of cooking oil. Frymate fryer oil filters are crafted for long-lasting functionality. Each screen is designed to fit your model fryer. If we don’t have fryer oil filters that fit your particular model, we can produce as many as you like for a custom fit.

Restaurants these days are tasked to stretch a dollar further than ever. Cooking oil costs can tax restaurants and commercial kitchens that are already stressed by the increasing costs of meat, produce, and other kitchen supplies. Restaurant managers should take steps to evaluate where a cost savings can be earned. The use of Frymate deep fryer filters can save restaurants hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on their current cooking oil usage. This money can be spent elsewhere or simply saved as profit. Moreover, Frymate deep fryer oil filters are affordably priced and designed for heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens. So, they’re made to last.

Food Tastes Better with Fryer Oil Filters

The great thing about saving money on cooking oil is that you won’t lose any food quality. Customers of your restaurant or commercial cafeteria will enjoy the same delicious quality food they’re used to. Dirty cooking oil will reduce the taste of your food. You can save money, maintain food quality, and continue to use your cooking oil up to 40% longer. It’s a win-win situation for your kitchen. Frymate deep fryer oil filters offer you the chance to keep cooking oil as pristine as possible for a longer period of time. They keep food debris away from new food items dropped into the fryer.

Your kitchen staff will also be happy to employ Frymate deep fryer oil screens because they have safety features like a handle that’s lower to the fryer to help prevent injury from oil splatter. In busy commercial kitchens where an injury like a scorch or oil burn can happen in a flash, these safety features are crucial for maintaining a safe overall kitchen environment. Frymate deep fryer oil filters are popular with restaurant owners because they work. Try them out and discover why they’re a staple in kitchens around the country. You can extend the life of you cooking oil just as soon as you start using these useful fryer features.

Deep Fryer Oil Screens Save Money

With the cost of cooking oil escalating, consider investing in high-quality Frymate fryer oil filters today. What else could you use the money you save to pay for? Fryer repairs, fresh produce, new décor, and so forth! Deep fryer filters provide a genuine cost savings that restaurants can profit by. Your customers will continue to enjoy our top-drawer cuisine prepared in clean oil that’s safe for reuse because it’s been effectively filtered using Frymate fryer oil filters.