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(use a frymate fryer and save up to 40% on your oil consumption)

The Price Of Oil Doubles In 60 Days

Avoid paying more money for cooking oil when you use Frymate deep fryer oil filters in your professional or commercial kitchen. The price of oil has doubled in the last 60 days, which means your restaurant’s costs for cooking oil is likely doubling too. Don’t let the high costs of cooking oil make a big dent in your profit margin. Frymate fryer oil screens save money. Read about our deep fryer oil filters and learn how you can use them to safely extend the life of your cooking oil so you use less–and pay less too.

Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Wondering if fryer oil filters are worth the investment? Frymate deep fryer oil filters can extend your cooking oil by up to 40%. You can continue to use the same batch of cooking oil because it remains cleaner thanks to our innovative deep fryer oil screens that fit your fryer flawlessly. Our deep fryer filters prevent food debris from sullying your cooking oil prematurely. Your oil will stay cleaner longer and last longer when you cook with Frymate deep fryer filters.

Although there are other fryer oil filters on the market today, Frymate is a leading brand owing to our designs that promote safety. Our fryer filter handles are placed low to help guard against splashes of hot cooking oil. Additionally, we’ve designed fryer filters for today’s fryer models. If we don’t have a fryer oil screen that fits your fryer, we’ll custom design them for you. We specialize in the manufacturing of highly effective and durable deep fryer oil filters. We sell our products to restaurants and commercial kitchens all over the country.

Deep Fryer Filters Save Money

Most restaurants and commercial kitchens want to save money whenever possible without sacrificing the quality of their food or service. Our deep fryer oil filters allow them to cut their costs on cooking oil down. Because they can continue to use each batch of cooking oil up to 40% longer than before, customers can save substantially on the cost of cooking oil each year. They can use that savings as profit or invest it back into their business.

Cooking oil has steadily increased in costs over the years. Now that the cost of this oil has doubled in the last two months, restaurants are looking for reliable ways to cut back on these costs. Some restaurants have actually stopped offering certain fried foods on their menus. Others have contacted Frymate to order their professional fryer oil filters that allow them to use each batch of cooking oil longer for the same delicious results as before.

Food Tastes Better with Fryer Oil Filters

Of course, reusing cooking oil would not be possible if it meant that food quality would be depleted. When you use Frymate deep fryer oil screens, you will not compromise the delicious quality of your food. Your cooking oil stays cleaner for up to 40% longer. Clean oil means great-tasting fried foods. You can serve your french fries, chicken tenders, battered mushrooms, and other fried delights with pride. You will lose no taste quality when you employ Frymate deep fryer filters. On the contrary, our products keep your oil clean so that food tastes amazing.

As you know, dirty cooking oil can wreak havoc on food quality. Our deep fryer filters save you money, of course, but their main job is to protect your cooking oil from food particles that dirty the oil and, ultimately, affect the taste. You can continue to use your oil and still maintain your great-tasting food offerings.

Deep Fryer Oil Screens Save Money

Don’t throw your money down the drain with your spent cooking oil. Use Frymate deep fryer oil screens and save hundreds–even thousands of dollars each year. We produce our deep fryer filters with the best-quality materials so that they function optimally for the long term. After you invest in our deep fryer oil filters, you will find that they will pay for themselves in a short period of time thanks to the money they will save you on cooking oil costs.

Visit Frymate to find deep fryer oil filters that fit your commercial fryers. Remember that if we don’t have filters for your model, we can create a custom design. Our filters fit flawlessly so they function better than other fryer filters sold today. Be sure to contact us if you have questions or to place your custom order. We look forward to helping you save money on cooking oil with each and every use of your Frymate oil filters.