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Ken of Ooh Wee Chicken

Steve G

The Frymate Deep Fryer Filter is amazing! It has saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and oil! It has helped me to save my cooking oil by keeping crumbs out of the oil so that it doesn’t breakdown and my deep fryer doesn’t bog out and burn during a long busy day. Due to the construction of the filter, it also allows me to fry a large amount of chicken wings at one time without having to use my baskets with no worries of the food falling to the bottom of my fryer. Cleanup at the end of the day is a breeze with no crumbs sitting on the bottom of my fryer which allows the oil to drain from the fryer without clogging and very little sediment making cleaning my deep fryer very easy. My oil stays clean allowing me to reuse it for a longer period of time. I highly recommend the Frymate Deep Fryer Filter!