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Jeremiah Echeandia

This product has saved me so much time and money because of longer oil life, its awesome. While you still get some finer particles athe bottom it dies not compare to the slug left after Also is great as a buffer if frying bigger items and don’t want to use the basket like tortillas, fried chicken, etc.. nothing falls to the bottom.

Ken of Ooh Wee Chicken

Steve G

The Frymate Deep Fryer Filter is amazing! It has saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and oil! It has helped me to save my cooking oil by keeping crumbs out of the oil so that it doesn’t breakdown and my deep fryer doesn’t bog out and burn during a long busy day. Due to the construction of the filter, it also allows me to fry a large amount of chicken wings at one time without having to use my baskets with no worries of the food falling to the bottom of my fryer. Cleanup at the end of the day is a breeze with no crumbs sitting on the bottom of my fryer which allows the oil to drain from the fryer without clogging and very little sediment making cleaning my deep fryer very easy. My oil stays clean allowing me to reuse it for a longer period of time. I highly recommend the Frymate Deep Fryer Filter!

Chris M – Owner

Hello Darren & Steve

My kitchen staff and my partners want to thank you for recommending FRYMATE FRYER Filter.

Labor and clean up time for the fry station has been reduced by at least 30 %.. We have increased the usage of the oil by almost 40% more.

This investment has saved us already hundreds of dollars in oil and labor cost.

Thank You So MUCH !

Gary Yan

As a chef I’ve seen a lot of inventions in the past 30 years however this unique piece of attachment (created by Frymate LLC)to our existing 5 Fryers has certainly made significant difference not only to our food cost but the recovery time on our fryer has improved drastically and all our staff diligently use this regularly. This attachment definitely reduces the amount of fry debris from the different foods we cook. In fact initially we had an issue with size… it did not fit our new FRYMASTER… the owner Darren took the initiative to custom make a new set & ship it to us and that how a potentially negative issue was professionally resolved and he has earned a customer for life. I’ve already spoken with several of my chef friends about this product & they will be certainly considering purchasing this great product. Thank you Darren

Chris Mayfield

Darren was very helpful can’t wait to see it work

Carol Combs

My stores have these in their fryers, I started with just one for each store. After 6 we would clean the filter then return it back to the fryer. The real test was when we would go to clean the fryers. Well we struggle getting all the stuff that fell to the bottom of the fryer and it would clog in the drain, it was a real nightmare to clean the fryers. Until we started using the frymate! Then my staff was asking can’t we get another one for the other side. So now cleaning the fryers is a lot easier since we have the frymate. No more clog drains and struggle to get all that stuff out of the bottom. Well worth the money!!!

Dao Au

I love the deep fry filter tray so much. It makes cleaning the oil for the deep fryer so much easier. Thank you for a great product! ?