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Simple To Remove

Easy-to-Use Frymate Deep Fryer Filters

In a bustling, busy restaurant kitchen, convenience is a luxury. At Frymate, we knew that our deep fryer filter designs had to be easy to use if restaurant staff were going to embrace them. Our patented designs for Frymate filters are easy to remove and replace during and after cooking. There are no tricky clasps or features that could be deemed unsafe. Our designs have been rendered by people who know the restaurant business—more specifically, they know professional kitchens. Our deep fryer filters provider superior filtering from food debris but are a breeze to use.

A Frymate deep fryer screen will keep your cooking oil cleaner from a longer period of time than if you chose not to use a crumb catcher or sediment screen. When your kitchen is busy and orders for fried appetizers and other foods are pouring into the kitchen, there’s no convenient time to run your filter machine to clean your cooking oil for reuse. You can, however, rely on your Frymate deep fryer filter to keep your cooking oil free from food particles for a longer period of time. Cleaner oil means delicious tasting food.

To use your Frymate fryer screen, simply place it on your fryer tray. We design deep fryer filters to fit any make or model deep fryer—and we take custom orders! Hot, sizzling oil is an extreme environment, so we knew we needed to design a product made from durable materials. The result is the Frymate filter, a product that’s easy to use and constructed to last.