Select Page is proud to introduce the world’s first Sediment Filter system, designed and tested to be used specifically with deep fryers. Made of 100% stainless steel, this handsome and sleek filter gets rid of all that gunky stuff and grease inside your fryer so you can cook up tasty healthy food again! We’ve all experienced what happens when we don’t use a Sediment Filter for our fryer. The food can be unevenly cooked, the oil can end up tasting like old oil or it can even start to taste like metal. Sediment Filter will keep your food crispy, your oil tasting great and your kitchen smelling fresh. We remove sediment, rust, and corrosion from your engine oil with a reusable filter. Simply take the filter out and throw it away after use. You’ll save money, time, and hassle on your next oil change. is an online marketplace for fryers and cooking products. We offer a range of products at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of fryer filters, cooking vessels, and whisks for your home kitchen. When it comes to the best product for your cooking needs, think first! Normally, when you’re frying food, oil splatters and covers your stovetop… but with an easy-to-install Sediment Filter, that’s a thing of the past! Our filter traps any leftover bits of food and cooking grease so your stove is left clean and grease-free. You’ll be saving on both time and money! When you buy a new appliance, you save BIG money right? But did you know that the savings can just go down the drain, literally? We’re here to help you save money by filtering out those pesky sediments in your house. The Frymate Sediment Filter attaches to your dishwasher hose with a secure fitting and is compatible with most brands on the market. Get your own Frymate today and see the savings in your wallet!

If you’re tired of wasting money on cleaning products, then it’s time to use Frymate. Our revolutionary Sediment Filter removes the debris that builds up in your frying pan, leaving you with a clean pan for less. Stop buying expensive pans and get your frymate today! Frymate’s patented Sediment Filter is the industry’s first and most affordable solution to keep your french fries, onion rings, and hushpuppies tasting crispy & delicious. With our filter, you’ll save BIG money on oil, clean up time, and will never have to worry about annoying sediment in your food again. You love your fryer, but you hate the clogging! Save money and enjoy delicious, chemical-free food with Frymate’s Sediment Filter. This is a must-have for anyone who fries food at home or in a restaurant. Frymate is the solution for all your frying problems!

A Sediment Filter That Makes Food Taste BETTER! was invented by a frustrated home cook who was tired of the experience of cooking, eating or picking food out of the pan with no added flavor. We now have the solution to that problem and more. Frymate is a revolutionary new kitchen accessory that will make your food taste way better. Sediment Filter is a food filter that removes chlorine and sediment in tap water. It will not only make your water taste better but it will also prevent contaminants from entering your food during cooking. We’re here to help you cook healthier and tastier food! Frymate is the only convenient, affordable and portable Sediment Filter that can be used to clear cloudy oil and enhance the flavor of your cooking oil. 

When frying foods, the oils and grease are what make them so delicious. But these oils also add to the unhealthy quality of fried food. So we invented a product that could filter out these greases, make your fried food healthier, and still taste just as good. What’s more, Sediment Filter is reusable. It’s dishwasher safe and reusable and you’ll save both time and money with it! Never worry about drinking your water or eating your food again with food and water filters! Sediment Filter makes it easy to filter any liquid or food so that you’re on top of your health and never have to worry about what you’re putting in your body again. Sediment Filter is a new, revolutionary filter for your frying pan. It’s designed to remove the excess sediments in your food which makes it taste better! Frymate not only filters the sediments, but it also means less oil consumption and less time spent cooking. With Frymate, you can cook all your favorite dishes in a healthier way!

Are you looking for a way to make your fried foods taste better? Sediment Filter have the solution! Frymate is a revolutionary cookware accessory that can be used with any frying pan to filter out oil and debris, and cook your food with better tasting, healthier oils. Frymate uses advanced technology and provides you with the power to be family-friendly without sacrificing flavor. You know the feeling of biting into a french fry and tasting that awful, gritty flavor? Frymate is the new way to make your food taste better. Sediment Filter out the impurities in your cooking oil to make sure your food doesn’t have that pesky, gritty taste. It’s time to stop cooking oily food and start cooking please! Fried food is delicious, but it’s also one of the worst things you can eat. Sediment Filter got good news. Frymate makes your favorite fried foods healthier by removing all the bad stuff floating in your oil. This includes cholesterol, trans fats, and excess oil which will keep your food tasting better and fresher longer!

Frymate’s Guide To Sediment Filter

In a world of rising food prices and increasing health awareness, the use of filtration systems in cooking oils has become an essential part of daily life. Sediment Filter is your one-stop-shop for all your frying needs! Find everything from fryer filters to oil filtration systems and more! Since Sediment Filter are so important to the quality of your fryer oil, we’re here to give you the rundown on everything you need to know about them. From how they work, to the different types, and how they can be made more effective, we’ll break down everything you need to know before you make your next purchase. Filtration is a big part of the beer connoisseur’s life. Without a good filter, your finished product will not be as good as it could be. We have been making filters for years and know what it takes to make a quality product. We are proud to introduce the Guide To Sediment Filter!

If you’re feeling like your coffee and beer don’t taste as good as they used to, it’s time to clean your filter. Sediment Filter are a natural part of any brewing system, but as they start collecting the impurities in your water, the quality of your brew declines. If you want to get the most out of your coffee and beer, a quick filter cleaning is all you need. Need to cook up that favorite seafood dish for dinner, but don’t want to deal with the messy cleanup? Our Guide On Sediment Filter will help you get your pan and stovetop spick-and-span in minutes. Don’t wait another day! Frymate is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality for home cooks who want to enjoy better tasting food. Sediment Filter offers a variety of tips, tricks, and recipes to help you find the best cooking techniques from all over the world.

Stop wasting time & money on food that tastes like water! The amount of sediment in tap water varies depending on where you live, which means that the same dish can taste different depending on where you make it. That’s why we created a simple system for filtering it out: with a little bit of science and a lot of know-how, we engineered the most effective kitchen sink filter on the market today. is a website that features an in-depth guide to filtering your sediment from your water, more commonly called water softening. The website provides customers with information about the types of filters that are available and how to purchase them as well as how to replace them when needed. Frymate also provides customers with materials about the installation process and what type of maintenance needs to be done after installing their filter.

Sediment Filter Keeps The Cooking Oil Clean is a site that provides the best fryer in the market, and also sells its own filter “The Sediment Filter“. The site also provides professional tips on how to cook with less oil, so you can create greasy foods without cavities. Obesity is a major problem. It doesn’t just put people at a higher risk of developing heart diseases and diabetes, but it also leads to other serious health issues. Nowadays, many people are beginning to take steps to adopt healthier lifestyles after learning about the severe side effects of obesity. One way for people to monitor their sugar intake is by looking at the nutrition label on products.

Cooking oil is a liquid form of fat that is used by chefs to cook or fry food. Oil can also be cooked in order to produce different flavors or textures. The deep frying technique is one of the most popular cooking methods and is responsible for the golden, crispy texture that many crave. is an online store that specializes in providing different types of cooking oil filters at affordable prices. One of the well-known products they have is the Sediment Filter, which can be used to keep the cooking oil clean and free from sediment. We are the global leader in innovative digital solutions that help customers establish, maintain and grow successful businesses. With a focus on oil management, Frymate’s range of Sediment Filter helps ensure all oils remain clean, keeping company products and processes efficient, safe, and compliant.

Get the most out of your cooking oil with a Sediment Filter. Our filters are designed to remove impurities from your cooking oil, so you’ll have a cleaner kitchen and healthier food. We offer the best quality filters for your cookware and for anything else you need to keep clean in your kitchen. We are a website which provides information about how to maintain cooking oil. We have a variety of products for household use, from filters to cleaning tools. All of our products are from quality brands with international certifications. It’s a revolutionary cooking oil filter designed to reduce the amount of cooking oil that you waste. It does this by filtering out the impurities in your cooking oil so that you don’t have to dump it and start over. With Frymate, you can cook with confidence knowing that you will never have to buy new cooking oil again. We are a platform where you can buy cooking oil filters to keep your frying oil clean, healthy, and tasting great. We carry a variety of Sediment Filter that fit in any kitchen and are easy to use.

Be Rid Of Dirty Cooking Oil With A Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter talking about frying and cooking the foods you love. The only thing that can ruin the taste of your good food is cooking oil with sediment. When cooking with oil, it’s not uncommon for impurities like dirt and dust to be stirred up from the pot or pan, creating a mess of food. is a family-owned and operated company. We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of high quality oil filtration systems that reduce cooking oil waste, improve food taste, & cut down on your cooking time. Our filters are easy to use, made of durable materials, and give you peace of mind knowing your food is safe! is the first company to invent an affordable and easy-to-use solution for cleaning your cooking oil. Eliminate the hassle of cleaning and the mess of pouring your oil into a container with our patented solution. Our filter is designed to capture sediment, which can be toxic to humans, from cooking oils.

Sediment Filter will clean your cooking oil free of sediment, impurities, and odors. Get rid of all the old, used cooking oil that’s been getting stored in your garage or basement with our high-quality solutions. What if you could just be rid of cooking oil and not worry about it anymore? We are here for that. With the introduction of our new Sediment Filter, you can be confident to cook with frying oil for a longer period of time. Our service is easy to use and only requires the installation of a small filter in your kitchen. We offer a range of fryer Sediment Filter to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for a replacement, or a new filter for your fryer, you can find it here! Not only does frying food in oil make it taste great and give the food a wonderful crisp, but it can also be unhealthy because the oil can become contaminated with bacteria and harmful chemicals.

We bring you the only way to be rid of cooking oil with a Sediment Filter. If you think your frying oil is burnt and not good enough to fry your next dish, think again! Get rid of these days of disgusting burnt cooking oil and make it look like new with our Frymate. We are the world’s first web-based, smartphone enabled, cooktop filter that will change the way you cook and eat. You can now easily filter out the most harmful components of cooking oil, salt and saturated fat so you can enjoy healthier meals, free from worry. With Frymate, all you need to do is set it up on your counter and plug it in.

Eliminate Grease With Our Sediment Filter

As more people are becoming aware of the health risks of cooking with oil, is here to help! Our Sediment Filter is the perfect solution for removing all grease from your oil frying. Just attach it to any pot and wait. We ensure 100% satisfaction, or your money back! is the one-stop shop for your frying oil and food waste disposal needs. With the continual increase in obesity rates and the corresponding rise in heart disease, we figured you might want a way to enjoy all of your fried foods without the guilt! That’s why we invented our patented Sediment Filter that removes over 90% of the grease from your cooking oil, while also catching all of your food waste.

Frymate is a revolutionary product that allows you to cook greasy foods and eliminate the grease, with no grease splatters in your kitchen. It is available for both gas and electric stoves, it attaches to the burner with a clip for easy use, and it’s dishwasher-safe. It works with any pot, pan or skillet. Save on food costs, time, & stress and get your Frymate today! We are the world’s largest distributor of Frymates, the revolutionary new way to filter grease in your deep fryer. Our patented Sediment Filter prevents the buildup of excess oil and fat in your fryer and helps you maintain your deep fryer for optimal performance. We ship worldwide and we offer a complete line of accessories to customize your fryer to fit your restaurant’s needs.

Who doesn’t want to cook and never have to deal with the messy residue? Dirt and grime often get trapped in your food. The Frymate has a Sediment Filter that removes all the debris from frying, eliminating the need for constant scrubbing. It also helps prevent that awful smell from cooking, keeping your kitchen as clean as possible. Frymate is a cutting-edge range of fryers with a Sediment Filter that eliminates grease for healthier cooking. The waterless cooking technology ensures that each dish is gluten-free and can be cooked with the pan closed. Fried foods are delicious and messy, but not so much when you fry them with Frymate. Our patented Sediment Filter catches the grease and separates it from your oil to keep your kitchen neat and tidy. Frymate’s also helps extend the life of your frying pan by catching all of the gunk that would otherwise ruin your cookware. Say goodbye to dirty fryers, burnt pots, and greasy ovens with this innovative product! is the best and easiest way to cook with oil. Our patented method will eliminate the need for messy, expensive and wasteful paper towels, while cutting down on cleanup time and effort. With our Sediment Filter, you will never have to worry about murky grease again!