Compatibility Fryer Models:  GF40SD | FM245EBLSC | MJ150/MJ50 | MJ45 | FPP345ESE | FMJ250EC | FMP245ECSC | FPP245EISD | FMJ350 | IFS-40-OP

Introducing Frymate Filters – your kitchen’s new best friend! Say goodbye to messy oil spills and hello to effortless frying with our innovative filters. Designed to fit snugly into your fryer, they efficiently capture grease and debris, keeping your oil clean and your food tasting fresh. With Frymate Filters, you’ll save time on tedious cleaning tasks, extend the lifespan of your oil by 40%, and ensure consistent, delicious food every time. Invest in Frymate Filters today and experience the difference in convenience and quality – your kitchen will thank you!

Length: 14.2″
Width: 12.5″
Height: 7″
Weight: 3 lbs

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Compatibility Fryer Models

FrymasterFM245EBLSC, FMJ250EC, FMJ350, FMP245ECSC, FPP245EISD, FPP345ESE, GF40SD, MJ150/MJ50, MJ45

GF40SD, FM245EBLSC, MJ150/MJ50, MJ45, FPP345ESE, FMJ250EC, FMP245ECSC, FPP245EISD, FMJ350, IFS-40-OP

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fitting your FRYMATE filter for the first time works best when the fryer is empty and drained of frying oil.
  • In most cases, remove the rack that comes with the fryer, so your operating height of oil does not change. However, before removing the rack at the bottom of your fryer, please check the bottom for any sharp areas or objects that could puncture the fine mesh on your new FRYMATE filter. If uncertain, leave the rack in place.
  • Warping in older fryer tanks is a common occurrence. You may need to put the filter on the left-hand side down first.
  • For best results, empty the filter every hour, more or less, depending on your business.
  • Ease of use: lift the filter out of the fryer, turn it upside down over an aluminum sheet tray, and gently tap to remove crumbs.
  • Easy cleaning: dishwasher safe, or hand wash with hot water and soap or degreaser. Please ensure your FRYMATE filter is completely dry before installing it back in your fryer. If not cleaned on a regular basis, your FRYMATE filter may develop a carbon buildup that will limit its efficiency.
  • Results may vary, based on your business and usage of this product.
  • Made from 304 stainless steel material, 550-micron fine mesh

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