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Keep Oil Clean

Keep Cooking Oil Cleaner Longer

Clean cooking oil is key to creating great-tasting foods from the deep fryer. Dirty oil will compromise the taste of your french fries, mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms and other popular appetizers that customers order again and again. Many restaurants and commercial kitchens produce so many tasty fried foods that the oil becomes filled with food crumbs and sediment quickly, forcing cooking staff to dispose of the oil and add fresh.

The problem for restaurants is that cooking oil isn’t cheap. Some eateries spend as much as $10,000 a year on cooking oil alone. Frymate deep fryer filters are a patented design that lets restaurants safely extend the use of their cooking oil batches by as much as 40%. Operating like a sediment screen and crumb catcher, our deep fryer filters sit top your fryer tray where they form a crumb barrier. Food cooks evenly, deliciously just as before but your oil stays free from food debris much longer. So, you can continue to fry with it.

A cooking oil filter is a must for commercial kitchens and restaurants that want to manage their supplies responsibly. Moreover, the cost of deep fryer repairs and other kitchen expenses forces restaurants to find ways to cut corners without sacrificing the quality of their cuisine or service. More affordable than a cooking oil filter machine, our Frymate filters also extend the life of your cooking oil with each use.

If you invest in the best cooking oil for deep fryers you may as well invest in the best oil filter on the market today—Frymate deep fryer filters. Keep your cooking oil cleaner longer and save money while you’re at it. Choose from our selection of fryer screen models or contact us to place a custom order for your Frymate filter today.