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The cost of cooking oil has risen sharply in recent years. Unfortunately, the restaurant and commercial kitchen industry has taken a huge hit over the course of the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain interruptions, and mandatory lockdowns. These days, many restaurants simply can’t afford exorbitant price increases for staples like their deep fryer cooking oil. Fortunately, Frymate features high-quality deep fryer oil screens that can help commercial kitchens use up to 40% less cooking oil to achieve tremendous cost savings. Some restaurants are cutting down their cooking oil expense by as much as $3,000. Your restaurant can save money too by investing in Frymate deep fryer oil filters.

Do Deep Fryer Filters Save Money?

Frymate features a wide selection of deep fryer oil screens designed in multiple sizes. We design oil screens for various types of today’s deep fryer makes and models. Customers can visit our inventory to select deep fryer oil screens that match their units. If we don’t have an oil screen for your deep fryer, we can make one. Frymate produces custom deep fryer cooking oil screens as needed. By investing in this cooking oil-conserving equipment, you will see that it will pay for itself in no time with the money you’ll save by conserving cooking oil.

On average Frymate cooking oil screens for deep fryers save customers between $1,000 and $3,000 annually. That’s money that you can reinvest in your business or put in the bank. If your kitchen is looking for ways to cut corners without reducing its menu or hours, cooking oil screens are an excellent solution. Start saving money and order your Frymate deep fryer filter before you cut corners elsewhere.

Does the Food Taste Better When Using A Deep Fryer Oil Screen?

Our Frymate deep fryer screens work by preventing cooking debris from sullying your cooking oil. The filters help you keep your cooking oil cleaner for a longer period of time, so you can cook with it longer without compromising taste quality. Naturally, you want your diners to experience the great tasting food they love from your kitchen. Frymate deep fryer screens screen out the food particles that will ultimately affect taste. Even if money were no object, it’s a good idea to cook with a deep fryer filter simply to ensure the best-possible taste for your fried foods. Cleaner oil will result in a better outcome for your restaurant’s fare.

When you use our deep fryer oil filters routinely, you can reduce the number of times you change your cooking oil in a single week. Those reductions can lead to incredible cost savings without impacting the quality or taste of your cuisine. Why wouldn’t you want to save money by conserving cooking oil? Your cooking oil stays much cleaner so that your food isn’t affected. You get to save money as an added bonus! It’s a win-win situation for restaurants who serve deep fried foods like mozzarella cheese sticks, toasted ravioli, French fries, or chicken tenders.

How Do I Save Money on My Oil Consumption?

The sooner you order your Frymate oil screens or custom-made deep fryer oil filters, the sooner you can start saving money and using less cooking oil. We sell our deep fryer oil screens all across North America. We have a reputation for creating high-quality oil screens at fair pricing. Each time you prepare food using your deep fryer, you can use our durable cooking oil filter to keep your oil cleaner. Using dirty cooking oil will certainly affect the flavor of your food, and that’s a big turn-off to customers. Frymate deep fryer screens protect your oil from old food debris that will detract from your cuisine’s delicious taste.

Visit Frymate to find a deep fryer filter designed to fit your fryer. As you’ll note when you peruse our inventory, our deep fryer oil screens are crafted with safety in mind. The handle sits low away from the fryer to reduce risks of splatter and burns. Our deep fryer oil filters are made with best-quality materials for lasting use and they’re easy to clean. Start saving money by cooking with Frymate deep fryer oil screens right away. Feel free to contact us with questions or to order your custom deep fryer oil screen to fit your deep fryer.

At Frymate, we also love to hear what our customers think about our deep fryers. Tell us about the cost savings you’ve been able to achieve or how much cooking oil you’ve been able to conserve each week.