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Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Sediment Cooking Oil Filters

If you operate any type of commercial kitchen that has deep fryers, you know all about the high cost of cooking oil. However, those costs are only increasing along with the costs of food products across the board. It’s more challenging than ever for restaurants, cafeterias, and other commercial kitchens to control their costs. As the cost of cooking oil increases, it can erode profits.

Fortunately, there is a way to get up to 40% more value from your cooking oil each month. Frymate features high-quality deep fryer sediment filters that keep cooking oil protected from debris so that it lasts longer. When the oil remains clean, cooks don’t have to change it as often. That can result in a tremendous cost savings. Best of all, using the cooking oil for a longer period of time with sediment cooking oil filters does not result in a reduction of food taste or quality.

If you operate a commercial kitchen and your menu includes chicken tenders, fried mushrooms, French fries, or other fried foods, you can benefit from sediment oil filters from Frymate. Here, we’ll outline how these sediment deep fryer filters can save you money and enhance your kitchen offerings.

Sediment Cooking Oil Filters Save Money

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your profit margins. As cooking oil prices skyrocket, you may find that your profits begin to shrink, especially with other restaurant increases. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. With the adoption of professional sediment oil screens from Frymate, you can use your cooking oil considerably longer, getting much more value from a single batch.

Restaurants who use Frymate deep fryer sediment screens can reduce their monthly cooking oil consumption by as much as 40%. In fact, some commercial kitchens using these sediment oil screens are saving so much that they’re actually adding more delicious fried treats to their menus. If you use cooking oil in your kitchen, you’ll be able to get more use from each batch when you fry with Frymate’s sediment cooking oil screens.

Food Tastes Better with Cooking Oil Filters

Naturally, a restaurant’s main concern with extending the life of their cooking oil is the taste of the food. The longer the oil is used, the more the sullied oil can affect the food’s taste. Frymate sediment deep fryer screens will prevent food particles and debris from dirtying the oil quickly. Your restaurant’s fried foods will retain their delicious taste while you enjoy more cost savings.

It doesn’t take advanced knowledge or expertise to know that cleaner oil can enhance food taste. Keep your cooking oil cleaner by protecting it each time you cook with sediment cooking oil screens produced by Frymate. In fact, your kitchen’s staff is sure to love cooking with sediment deep fryer filters because they won’t need to change the cooking oil as often. During busy hours, they can keep churning out the fries and chicken nuggets without interruption.

Sediment Cooking Oil Filters for Your Commercial Kitchen or Restaurant

Frymate is a leading designer and manufacturer of sediment cooking oil filters. It features a wide selection of sediment oil filters designed to fit any of today’s fryers. Simply visit the website and peruse its store offerings. You can choose sediment deep fryer screens that are perfectly tailored to your fryer. Each deep fryer screen is also crafted with safety in mind. Handles are placed lower than fryer models in order to reduce the risk for oil splatters.

If you don’t see sediment cooking oil filters designed for your fryer, don’t fret! Frymate takes custom orders. The Frymate team will design and produce deep fryer sediment screens that will perfectly fit your make and model deep fryer. We produce deep fryer sediment screens for both domestic and international kitchens. We make the ordering process a breeze. See our online form for ordering custom sediment oil screens or contact us directly to tell us what you need.

If you are in the restaurant or commercial kitchen business, consider ordering sediment deep fryer screens from Frymate soon. Start enjoying terrific cost savings on cooking oil. While your competitors will be forced to pay more for cooking oil because of higher prices, you’ll be able to get more value from every single batch of cooking oil when you use custom sediment cooking oil filters from Frymate.