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Enjoy cooking with Sediment Trays and enjoy the experience. We take sediment tray cleaning very seriously and are proud to offer warranty on all our products. If you’re like most people, you probably fry up your food and then leave the grease and oil to cook your pot or pan. exclusive design allows for easy access to the pan’s bottom, so your food doesn’t fall below the tray. delivers a high quality product that’s easy to use and affordable for anyone who enjoys a delicious meal from the deep fryer. It can be used directly over the stove or in a microwave oven. The installation of this tray is easy and it will not take you much time before you start cooking with the tray.

We include a long lasting, nonstick finish that lets nothing penetrate and absorb into the pan, so your food doesn’t stick and your pans last longer. The stainless steel mesh on the bottom of our fry pans helps to keep oil or water at a constant level, so you don’t have to. To enhance the performance of the fry pan, we use premium stainless steel that’s 100% from rust and corrosion. Frymate cooking oil dispenser trays are perfect for restaurant, home and commercial kitchens. They are designed to make sure that your cooking oil is always available, while keeping it smelling fresh at the same time! is the premier website for all things deep frying, bakery and kitchen cooking. They offer a variety of frying accessories, including easy to use trivets and cooling racks that make oven cooking safe, convenient, and easy. Offers a variety of fryer products to include strainers, fry baskets.. Shop now for our frying baskets and strainers. They are perfect for controlling oil splatters while cooking. We is a website dedicated to providing the easiest way to prepare the perfect deep fried foods. Our products are made with FDAapproved, deep frying friendly materials and are designed for easy use.

Bon Appétit! The most anticipated cookware to hit the market for a long time, frymate is a fryer and pot in one. A revolutionary new cooking appliance from Bon Appétit that streamlines the cooking experience by making it easier to fry, boil, and sauté with less mess. Frymate understands the importance of food and how it’s important we make it. Our beautiful, bestselling, handcrafted jumbo stainless steel Sediment Trays are designed to hold ingredients as they’re cooking in oil or on the grill. offers a high quality, long lasting product.

Sediment Trays Makes The Food Taste Better

Make your food taste better with our Sediment Trays. Adjustable in height, you can achieve more even heat in less time. Whether you’re frying, grilling, sautéing, boiling or searing, these trays will transform the cooking process and your food will taste better than ever. They are FDAapproved and are made with food grade silicone. Get them today and enjoy better cooking!

Sensational, crispy food that’s actually good for you. is designed with a nonstick surface and flexible design to keep your fryer clean and eliminate unnecessary oil splatters. This set of 3 Sediment Trays will serve you well as you create and perfect your recipes. It’s time to upgrade your kitchen fryer. is the new way to fry your food. It’s based on a patent pending technology that keeps your oil clean and helps with deep frying and pan frying. Using Frymate allows you to get crispier, tastier, and healthier fried food, in more ways than one. is a leading online retailer of all purpose cooking oil and fry skillets. Our range includes frying pans, Dutch ovens and deep fryers, as well as cast iron glass, ceramic and steel cookware. Reduce your frying oil without sacrificing the taste of your food! offers outdoor and indoor cooking, fishing and outdoor activities. Shop for everything from fryware and cookware to tackle boxes and fishing supplies all for the best prices in town.

These silicone pans are perfect for frying. They are built to last and are dishwasher safe. The oil stays on the pan so your food doesn’t absorb it. You’ll spend less time prepping, cooking, and cleaning up with these trays. Are you tired of eating the same old fried food every day? From French fries to onion rings, fry your favorite foods in these high quality, silicone and stainless steel trays that allow for easy release of excess oil.

This nonstick sediment tray is specially made for the fryer or deep fryer. The best way to make fried foods crispy and crunchy again. If you love your food, then you’ll love the Food Trucks! Our food trays have been used in the kitchens of America and abroad for years. Your favorite cookware supplier has made it easy to order Sediment Trays online and we can ship them to you today.

If you’re frying food, you’ve gotta have the right tools. Make the food taste better with our innovative, nonstick stainless steel sediment tray. Our trays allow an easy and thorough cleanup with water and soap. Make your next fryer investment worth it by purchasing a Frymate sediment tray. The Sediment Trays are specially designed to keep food from sticking to the pan. They make cooking and cleanup easier, reduce messes and oil spillage, and help make the food taste better.

Frymate’s Top Guide To Sediment Trays

If you’re searching for the best Sediment Trays, then you’re in the right place. Our guide will provide you with an overview of what are and how they are used to filter and clarify your oil, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when buying them. Airtight Silicone Trays, Sturdy Stainless Steel Trays, or EasytoClean Ceramic Trays, we’ve got everything covered.

Are you using top quality fryer oil that’s high in omega3 and 6 fatty acids, but not even knowing your food is being consumed by the bacteria that’s living on your cooking oil? Seems like a waste of a good product. With Frymate, you can keep these little buggers out of your precious food by creating a barrier between the oil and food.

Frymated is a company that provides sustainable solutions to snare meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. products are made from silicon nitride and contain no toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Sediment Trays are a must have for every fryer; for frying and for cleaning. We’ve put together our top guide to help you find the perfect tray for your fryer, from our modest suggestions to the most essential.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a drawer of old oil and gas filters that never seem to get used up. So why not turn them into something useful? Sediment Trays allow you to safely decontaminate, reuse, and recycle your old oil and gas filters. In order to keep your fryer free of buildup, it is essential. These plastic trays slide into the fryer and allow food particles to fall through the holes to settle in the bottom of the fryer. is a top resource for everything you need to know about. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to find the best one for your needs, learn the reasons behind their popularity and get expert tips on what to look out for when shopping. Quality is an essential part of any kitchen. These kitchen tools are designed to fit in a wide range of electric and gas stoves, fryers, ovens, and more. Top Guide has some great advice on choosing the right size and using them correctly so you can maintain your stove’s performance.

At, we’re here to help you make the most out of your fryer. They are designed to keep oil and water separate while they heat up to the perfect temperature, so you get healthy, crispy food every time. This guide is designed to help you choose the right Sediment Trays for your fryer. If you’re looking for a deep fryer that is used to prepare a wide variety of food, then choosing the right can be a big part of your decision. Want to fry without the mess? Sediment Trays are a must have for anyone who’s serious about frying. They’re used to collect oil and grease that gets splattered on the surface of a pot.

Sediment Trays Makes For Clean Cooking Oil

Sediment Trays make clean cooking oil a breeze. Simply fill up with fryer oil and place the tray on top of the stove and as it cooks, it will filter the oil for you. With one simple click, your frying oil will be ready to pour and serve. makes it easy for you to create a mess kitchen. Their product, Sediment Trays, helps keep your frying oil clean and healthy. They also offer an oil filter that can be easily swapped between different fryers.

You’ve probably noticed that vegetable oil tends to get cloudy when heated or when you cook with it. This can be a real problem because the cloudiness means oil has started to separate and float to the top of your food. The reason for this is dilution, which happens when some of the oil is removed by heating up and evaporating, leaving excess water molecules in the mixture.

Clean cooking oil isn’t easy to do, but it’s a must when you’re frying! The Sediment Trays are the best way to prevent your food from turning into soap, so they are perfect for vegans and vegetarians and anyone who just wants to cook with cooking oil again. The only cooking tool designed specifically to prevent and reduce the amount of oil that splatters into your food. The patented sediment tray catches excess oil and prevents it from going down the drain, so you can save money and ensure the health of your family’s meals.

Keep your cooking oil clean and protect your family from harmful health effects with our affordable, uniquely designed, nonstick Sediment Trays. Save yourself the hassle of scraping boiled oil out of your pan! trays will work with any fryer, including deep frying. is the premier cooking oil filtration system. Simply filter your oil through our simple, easy to use filter, and save money on cooking oil. Do you want to use your fryer again? Save money on a new filter!

Remove sediment from your frying oil and make sure you’re cooking with clean cooking oil to avoid contamination. With Frymate’s new sediment tray, you won’t have to strain your frying oil again. If you have a lot of cooking oil in the house, then you’ve probably noticed that it’s not easy to save it. Even if you have a fryer, there’s still lots of mess and cleanup involved. With these Sediment Trays, it’s easy to store your oil and make it last longer. Just fill the trays with oil and place them in your fryer. The unique design will trap and capture all the debris, keeping your oil clean and  of any food particles.

Get Rid Of Dirty Cooking Oil With A Sediment Trays

Dispose of your dirty cooking oil by using the self cleaning feature of our Sediment Trays. These food grade silicone trays are nonstick and safe for cooking at high temperatures, making them ideal for frying your favorite foods. The frymate is a revolutionary product that has been designed to be used to remove the harmful oil that has been created during frying. The device is made of heat and water resistant material, so you can use it with confidence even in the kitchen.

If you’re tired of cleaning up after messy cooking, make the switch to frying with an eco friendly frymate. With our easy to clean silicone handles and safe nonstick finish that’s easy to use and clean, we’ve got your back. When cooking, food can often splatter or drip and dirty your stovetop. A messy kitchen can also cause toxic smoke & oil to emit while cooking. If you’re looking to keep your kitchen clean, a simple solution is to use our! Simply mix up food and drop it in one of the two trays. Your oil will then be magically filtered out and collected in the collection tray which is easy.

Need to clean your deep fryer? Make your life easier with our trays. I know you take good care of your fryer, so why would you put dirty oil back in it? With these trays, you’ll be able to put your oil in the trash without worry. Now you can use Sediment Trays to get rid of your dirty cooking oil. This dispenser tray has a filter that catches the particles so your oil stays clean and is ready to reuse. With this product, you no longer have to imagine what your oil would have looked like after using it. Whether you’re frying or grilling, cooking with oil is healthier.

The Oil Filter is the best new way to separate your food from dirty oil. With our easy to clean and filters, you can be confident your kitchen will always be well maintained. Waste less oil & save money with our easy to use Sediment Trays. There is nothing like them on the market today. Simply fill the tray with your favorite cooking oil and place it in your fryer basket. When the oil is done heating up, the sediment will be ready to be removed and there’s no mess!

Use to collect and store your used cooking oil that can safely be disposed of in your home’s septic tank. Our Sediment Trays also make for quick clean up!

Do your frys leave a nasty, soupy mess of oil on the top of your food? Our Sediment Trays are the solution! Using our unique design, you can contain the oil in one place and easily remove it after cooking for a healthier cooking experience. Ensure that none of your food is left with an oily residue with our frymate. is a convenient and useful design that separates clean from dirty oil. It’s a safe, easy way to cook with healthier, less fattening cooking oil and to prevent heating up your kitchen with dirty oil. Our unique, patented design allows cold oil to drip off the food perfectly, so you never need to worry about it again.

Eliminate Grease With Our Sediment Trays

Eliminate grease with our, the innovative, revolutionary new fry tray that fits any grill, oven, or even in the oven. Grease is the enemy of good, clean cookware. With our Sediment Trays eco-friendly fry pans, you’ll never have to worry about all that nasty grease again! Frymate fry pans are so safe and effective, you can use them on the stovetop and in your oven!

Our, is a revolutionary new way to clean up the mess and eliminate grease from your kitchen! In just seconds, each tray can be used to soak up excess grease from your pans and cookware, keeping your kitchen neat and organized. These Sediment Trays are easy to use and can be washed in the dishwasher after each use  they are a must have for every home. We are proud to offer a wide range of alternative cooking tools including Sediment Trays. If you’re tired of trying to get greasy food off your pans then you should try a sediment tray.

Cleanup is a breeze with our grease management trays. Made of strong plastic and silicone, these unique, patent pending trays ensure that you never again have to worry about your kitchen or restaurant becoming a mess following a frying session. Our products are made from high quality materials and are designed to efficiently filter out grease, fat, and other impurities from food. Our frymate Sediment Trays are perfect for cooking up your favorite fried foods. All of our products can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand.

Grease is a problem that comes with frying food, but our frymate. A grease elimination tray is a legitimate miracle product! Simply place your food into the shallow, circular tray and allow the heat of your oil to cook the food. In minutes, you’ll be left with a clean pan, full of amazing food that would have taken hours to clean up with traditional methods.

The easiest way to keep your cooking area clean is with our Frymate! With a 13inch diameter, it’s the perfect size for anything from frying bacon to sautéing vegetables. Made of durable silicone, they’re durable and easy to clean. Our Sediment Trays will prevent grease, cooking oil and food debris from making a mess in your pans, while they are frying. So, reduce the time and hassle of cleaning up after frying with our stainless steel sediment tray that fits any pan. Eliminate the hassle of manually cleaning your fryer and save time and money. Our Frymate is designed to stay put, even on the most grease covered surfaces and is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.