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Designed for Safety

Frymate Deep Fryer Filters

Frymate deep fryer filters were developed by a team who know restaurants and commercial kitchens. In short, they know deep fryers. Frymate has created a patented fryer screen design that prioritizes safety and convenient functionality. Our Frymate fryer handles sit low and away from fryer handles for a safety-inspired design. The Frymate filter sits on the fryer tray for a seamless fit. Hot cooking oil filters into the fryer tray but food particles are prevented from dirtying your oil quickly. This allows you to get roughly 40% more use from a single batch of cooking oil.

Our deep fryer filter design is perfect for busy kitchens where the deep fryer is constant sizzling with french fries and other delectable treats. Our fryer screen products aren’t cumbersome or difficult to use. In fact, we’ve created a Frymate filter to work with every available commercial deep fryer on the market today. And, we can even create a custom deep fryer filter for your make or model.

A fryer oil filter is a must if you want to keep your oil as clean as possible and save money on your cooking supplies. Moreover, who has time to replace cooking oil when you have customers waiting for their fried ravioli or breaded wings? Using a deep fryer screen like our products can add to the efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

Browse our selection of deep fryer filters to find a model that suits your deep fryer. We feature a convenient online form for you to order a custom filter for an older deep fryer or an oil filter size we don’t currently stock. Simply fill out the form, taking care to list accurate measurements and our design team will go to work creating your custom Frymate deep fryer filter.