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You didn’t think your fryer could get any easier to clean, did you? Cleaning a fryer is the most time-consuming part of the cooking process. Why waste all that time doing it? Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters does it for you. It’s the tray that creates less grease!

Keep your fryer clean and free from grease. Our patented Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters all the grease from your fryer, so you won’t have to worry about cleanup. It’s how we’ve done it for years! provides tips for making your deep fryer work better for you, and features a value-packed set of filters that make it the best way to get your fryer working to its fullest potential. We are the experts in filtration & cleaning solutions for your kitchen & food preparation. We offer the best quality, most efficient models for your deep fryers, including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. is the invention that filters grease out of fryers without potentially ruining your food, saving you time and money!

Sediment trays are designed to clean up your food-frying apparatus, thus reducing the amount of grease getting into your food. Our Sediment Tray offers a patented design that eliminates the need for any traditional barriers. We offer several trays with different features, depending on your needs. Simply fill the tray with your favorite ingredients and use it to fry, bake, grill and steam them so you don’t have to worry about greasy messes in your kitchen. This deep tray allows you to cook your food in a sizzling pan with less grease and mess

Our Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters allows you to make all your favorite foods in the privacy of your own kitchen. With no more slop, grease, or oil in the fryer and no sticky cleanup! Deep fryers are so popular, but they are expensive and get dirty and that’s why we created this deep fryer sediment tray at affordable prices! We put it in the bottom of your frying pan, so you can use less oil to cook your food. We offer a filter that allows you to easily clean it, making cleaning your fryer hassle free!, the best way to keep your deep fryer clean and clean pots, pans and burners! Our Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are designed for the frying and cleaning of food. If you’re one of those people who clean the bottom of your fryers or you just don’t mind cleaning the bottom of your fryers, this could be a good reason to change your current fryer. Cleaning your fryer is a task you should take very seriously. Your fries get soggy and stuck to the bottom easily? Our products are a good idea for you, they are designed specifically for fryers. With our patented pan filter system, fryers produce less grease, which translates to less money spent on disposal. Filters won’t fade and can be used over and over again!

Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters That Leave Less Mess

Each Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filter is a unique, product-specific design that creates a deep, uniform filtration. Unlike conventional filters, our fryer sediment pan filters keep contaminants out and leave behind less mess! We have them in different sizes to fit any fryer. Use the small pan for your smaller fryers and the large pan for larger fryers. Now that you have Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters, you can get rid of those food traces in a short time!

Decreasing your environmental impact while raising your quality of life, is the business that can help you, it’s a matter of economics, too. We offer filters that leave less mess. Our products filter the mess from your deep fryer by removing deposits of oil and debris from the fryer to help keep it clean. Fryer mats and trays leave a mess in the kitchen?, featuring a fast-acting pan filter, filters most debris to keep your kitchen clean. It prevents food from becoming soiled in the fryer and making it unsuitable for consumption. Do you want to cook more food every day? The fryer sediment pan will help. Our filters can be easily replaced when the need arises. With our disposable and recyclable fryer sediment pan, you won’t have to worry.

The Sediment Tray is a durable and durable filtration system that can be used by both professional and amateur chefs, and drain beautifully. The Sediment Tray is designed as a way to clean up cooking messes and spills. Our design allows you to use Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters as an investment piece that will last through years of use and is constructed out of corrosion resistant materials. Perfect for charcoal and gas grills, deep fryers, food processing equipment and any kitchen that needs a filter. Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are a kitchen tool to help reduce the amount of food debris that gets stuck in your deep fryers.

Make your life easy with Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters, the best way to filter out the sand, grit and other materials. Easy clean-up and a great tasting meal! Use our product as a means to clean your fryer and keep it clean. The sediment tray allows you to fry without making a mess, its filtration system helps you fry more food by removing more residue from the oil. It’s less complicated, and it’s simple.

Affordable Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters 

The Deep Fryer Sediment Tray can be used for a number of deep-fry applications, from jerky meats and fish, to waffles and pancakes. sells affordable Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters that help you reduce the frequency of food waste, saves time, money and energy. Some deep fryers cannot filter out the finer particles from your food due to size limitations. has the answer!

A pan that works efficiently and effectively is required to fry meat, poultry and fish to maintain freshness, quality and flavor. Deep fryers are also used to prepare other foods such as sammiches, sandwiches, and salads. We offer products that are available in different sizes and styles. Affordable and easy to use, the fryer’s sediment pan filters grease buildup. Constructed with a stainless steel base plate, it is strong and durable. Sediment Pans are specially designed for frying, use it for vegetables too, get the best!

An indispensable tool for deep-frying! The Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are a durable tray with a built-in filter that safely drains the grease and fat from your fryer. They save time, they save you money because they remove grease with ease. What if you need to remove more fat & oil from your fried foods like chicken? The Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters help you do just that. While other products on the market today fail to filter all debris, the sediment pan allows you to easily filter out harmful and toxic compounds. Our fryer sediment pan prevents your food, vegetables, and meats from sticking to the fryer! Unlike traditional catch pans, ours filters out all the sediment material that is stuck. This prevents food from sticking and makes cleanup easy. is the industry leader when it comes to removing particles from food products, is a brand of Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters; a safe, easy-to-use product that cleans out solids from food. Our products are a great option for any kitchen, insulated to keep food fresher and salads looking great for longer! is the best way to clean and store your fryer. offers the best high-quality deep fryer sediment tray filters and are easy to use, offer excellent filtration capabilities, at a low price. It’s so easy to cook on the Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters, keeps your food safe and it’s quick and easy to clean with a little soap and water. The sediment tray filters out clumps of food particles while keeping your food as safe and tasty as ever. With this product, you won’t have to worry about cleaning or filtration.

Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filter Suppliers Near Me is the business that has the best fryer sediment pan filter suppliers near me! Do you need a fryer filter pan to keep your food safe? Now you can remove dirt and fine particles from your fryer before it’s even cooked with our products. Stop frying things in dirty oil and get rid of fryer sludge. A big advantage is that it can be used multiple times. The Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are stainless steel that fits perfectly in your fryer to allow you to fry anything with relative ease. It has no moving parts, is leak-free and safe for all cookware. The fryer sediment pan is an innovative and useful piece of equipment designed to help customers effectively remove sediment from their frying pans.

Deep fryers are currently the most popular method of cooking food, but they don’t come out as clean as they should. Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters is your solution! We have developed a filter that takes leftover food particles such as crusts and dough pieces and cleans them from your fried foods without leaving any residue. By removing all that gunk from the bottom of the fryer, you’ll have perfectly cooked food every time! sediment tray eliminates hard cleanup, reduces food waste and costs. We are providers near me that offer the tray you need! Our products are ideal for cooking any food, especially those that are prone to heavy sedimentation. This fryer sediment pan is a great way to filter out food particles without removing oil. This polypropylene sediment tray is very easy to clean and can be stored and used for several years without degrading or discoloration. It is a must-have accessory that helps you save money.

Our Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters give you a convenient way to cook and filter! Just rinse them under water and store them right in your fryer. Keep sediment out of your food and let your food be done in style with the Fryer Sediment Pan Filter. You won’t believe how easy it is to clean up a mess of cooking oil, grease and other stuff. No matter how big or small what you need to fry, this filter is the solution to clean greasy food every time.

With fryer sediment pan filter suppliers near me, you can effectively drain your food and ensure your used filters don’t get stuck in your fryers longer than they should. is a manufacturer of food grade stainless steel catch pans. Our filter is made of stainless steel, is broad spectrum and uniquely designed to ensure your food ingredients are safe. It’s easy to clean!

Keep Oil Clean Longer With Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters is the best way to keep oil clean longer, keep oil clean longer with Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters! Oil that touches surfaces or gets caught in fryers, will become a pollutant. Filters can be inserted into the tray and then wiped clean with a damp cloth. Get a cleaner fryer, with all the filters you need to keep your oil clean, longer. With each filter you’ll save on oil change costs, even when your fryers are full. Our Sediment Tray works with regular sized fryers and deep fryers, has a large capacity, and cleans oil quickly & efficiently. is a website dedicated to the cooking oil industry, helping you get the most out of your oil. We offer a wide variety of the best deep fryer steel filters and kettle filters!

Fryer Sediment Pan Filters are food grade and are the professional level pans that use commercial grade filtration media. It cleans even burning oil in a fraction of the time of other brands. is user-friendly to use with simple, step-by-step instructions complete with a full color illustrated manual. You’re using the wrong fryer? You always have to buy new filters because you keep cleaning chicken feet or chips from your fryer. products are made for you! Just plug it in and let the Sediment Tray clean your oil. Extremely efficient filtration technology prevents sediment from sticking to your food so it doesn’t get contaminated.

After months of regular oil changes and regular cleaning, your deep fryer is getting full of sediment. So why not do it all with Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters? Designed specifically to remove oil from deep fryers, they can help keep oil flowing while keeping the sink clean. Separate your oil from the debris, and keep it all cleaner for longer. Deep fried debris can be a major problem in the foods. We’ve been designing filters that trap up to 90% of any debris, making cleaning much easier. If you have oily dishes and spillage, this is the filter for you.‘s Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters can help reduce oil spillage and keep deep fryers cleaner longer. The pan filters out oil that can cause damage to your food, it’s a sturdy, non-stick metal pan. The filter can be removed for easy cleaning, then reinstalled for longer-lasting fryer performance. It’s an easy process that will save you time, money and worry over your fryer.

How To Eliminate Grease With Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters filters are a great way to eliminate the grease from fried foods. Aerodynamic filtration technology removes all food particles and odors from cooking oil.The filter is extremely efficient and allows you to fry food in a better way. Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are a great way to save money on your kitchen budget and make it easy to prepare healthy, affordable meals. The units are durable, dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Our Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters are designed to filter the solids, but also bring additional benefits to your food. It can clean deeper fryers much faster than traditional filters, and simplifies cleaning systems. With the increasing use of fryers, you can start using our products as a way to separate food particles from oil. These filters work like a strainer and will help you remove harmful particles while you cook. Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters will eliminate grease from the fryer! It’s horrible to see a greasy fryer after a long day of cooking anything from French fries to rice. Experience the oil on your plate, not your fingers! With a Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters, grease doesn’t stick and food is left looking & tasting great. offers a unique product that allows you to save pounds, in the form of grease-free meals. Supports the food industry with the best technology available! is a fast way to clean grease from your fryer and make it easier to remove the grease. Sediment trays are made from heavy duty stainless steel with a patented filter design for minimal lifting out of food. Sediment trays also save space, making it easy to store on your countertop or in a cupboard. We help to remove grease from the inside of the deep fryer and out into the sink without any mess!

The Sediment Tray is one of the best ways to clean up after a big meal. With a single filter, you can remove grease and sediment from your foods! We are an online marketplace for fryers, it’s the best way to get fryer filters. We’ve all been there. Between the grease and the ketchup, you can’t get your food to stick. No worries if it keeps going. The Deep Fryer Sediment Tray Filters will clear all that nasty junk so your food is always safe and delicious. Can’t get food to stick? Don’t worry if it continues. Our filter will remove all that nasty junk so your food is safe and delicious. is the leader in high quality large fryer filters, our products provide the best filtration.