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If you operate a restaurant, hotel kitchen, cafeteria, or another type of commercial kitchen in the hospitality industry, you can benefit from using Frymate deep fryer filters. These deep fryer filters provide outstanding oil screen functionality that ultimately helps you reduce cooking oil consumption and saves you money. Frymate serves the restaurant and hospitality industry with our high-quality deep fryer filters designed for commercial use. Durable and effective, each deep fryer oil screen will allow you to use your cooking oil longer without compromising the taste of your food. With Frymate products, you can save money on cooking oil and continue to make the great-tasting foods your customers love.

Do Frymate Filters Save on Oil Consumption?

With cooking oil prices escalating all over the world, restaurateurs and commercial kitchen operators are tasked to find ways to reduce costs without harming food quality or the customers’ experience. Using a high-quality cooking oil filter produced by Frymate Fryer Filters is a cost-effective solution. Using a deep fryer oil screen from Frymate can save your business up to 40% on oil consumption. That’s a tremendous cost savings that no kitchen should ignore. You can save money on restaurant cooking oil without reducing the quality of your fried food offerings like mozzarella sticks or chicken tenders.

Did you know that recently thefts of restaurant cooking oil have increased along with prices for this liquid gold? While some restaurants choose to save money on cooking oil by purchasing it in bulk, it can be difficult to store and safeguard. Using a Frymate oil screen is a simple solution to get more use out of each batch of your cooking oil.

Does Food Taste Better When Using a Frymate Oil Filter?

Frymate deep fryer filters will help you keep your fried foods tasting exactly the way you intend them to. The deep fryer oil screen blocks sediment and other food debris from previous cooked food batches from affecting the quality of the oil. This means that your cooking oil stays cleaner longer. You can continue to use the cooking oil because your food quality is unharmed. Plus, you can save money on restaurant cooking oil because you’ll use less of it each week. That amounts to substantial money savings on an annual basis.

Why Choose Frymate Deep Fryer Filters?

Frymate is a leader in the production of premium deep fryer filters for restaurant and commercial kitchen use. First, our deep fryer oil screen products are designed to be effective at what they do—keep your cooking oil cleaner for a longer period of time. This means you can save money on cooking oil simply by using an oil screen each time you fry foods in your deep fryer.

Frymate deep fryer filters are also sought after because of their design safety. Each deep fryer oil screen features a handle that sits low and away from the hot oil. So, there’s less risk for injury, and that’s an important feature for busy commercial or restaurant kitchens. Frymate deep fryer filters are also easy to remove and replace as needed. There’s no hassle when it comes to finally replacing your cooking oil with a fresh batch. Just remember to re-insert your oil screen so you can continue to save money on restaurant cooking oil by maintain your oil’s fresh qualities longer.

Frymate deep fryer filters come in different sizes so you can choose models that suit your frying equipment. If you can’t locate a model that will suit your deep fryer—no problem! Frymate can produce a custom oil screen or multiple models to accommodate your kitchen’s needs. Each deep fryer oil screen is designed to stand the test of time. Not surprising, each oil screen will ultimately wind up paying for itself because you will save money on cooking oil with each use. Each model is easy to use and a breeze to clean.

If you own or operate a commercial or restaurant kitchen, you can save money on restaurant cooking oil simply by using Frymate deep fryer oil screen models designed for your deep fryer. We encourage you to browse our website and oil screen models. If you have questions or need a custom oil screen for your kitchen, simply contact us. We do our utmost to serve our customers with exceptional care and support. Once you save money on cooking oil using Frymate oil screens, you’ll have wished you found us sooner. Fortunately, you can start saving on cooking oil as soon as our deep fryer oil filters arrive at your restaurant or commercial kitchen.