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Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Sediment Cooking Oil Screens

No restaurant owner or manager ever wants to hear that their food tastes off. Unfortunately, that can happen when certain foods are prepared in less-than-clean cooking oil. However, the high cost of cooking oil is posing difficulties for some restaurants and cafeterias that routinely serve fried foods like chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, or dumplings. Luckily, Frymate sediment oil screens can help restaurants maintain the quality of their cooking oil so they can use it up to 40% longer. That amounts to a huge cost savings each year.

Without using deep fryer sediment screens, your cooking oil will become dirty more quickly. This means that you have to take time out of your business cooking schedule to change the oil. And, of course, each fresh batch of oil is associated with some cost. As cooking oil prices continue to rise, you’ll find that the profit from many of your popular fried offerings like French fries is reduced. That’s why Frymate designed and now manufactures sediment cooking oil screens for restaurants and commercial kitchens of all types.

Sediment Cooking Oil Screens Save Money

When you use Frymate sediment deep fryer screens, you can expect a cost savings so that you can quickly recoup your investment. Do Frymate cooking oil screens pay for themselves? The answer is an emphatic yes! You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cooking oil expenses in just a single year. That means that our deep fryer sediment screens are an excellent investment that will allow you to increase your profit margin in just a year’s time with your cooking oil savings.

The high price of cooking oil has caused some restaurants to rethink and revamp their menus. Rather than serving many of the fried foods that customers love, they’re opting to cut back so that they use less cooking oil. As the oil prices rise, the cost cuts into the restaurant’s profits. Their only option is to eat these profit losses, raise their food prices, or eliminate some food items from their menu. Simply by buying and using Frymate sediment deep fryer screens, you can conduct business as usual while saving up to 40% on your cooking oil costs.

With the money you save, you can make restaurant updates or invest in other money-saving features. If the high cost of cooking oil has you worried about the rising expense, consider how much you could save simply by using your oil 40% longer. With our Sediment cooking oil screens, you can!

Food Tastes Better with Sediment Cooking Oil Screens

Serving your customers great-tasting food is probably crucial for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Many restaurant owners fear the poor-tasting food will hurt their business. This may even lead them to change their cooking oil more frequently to ensure that food tastes great. Instead of wasting perfectly useful oil, simply use Frymate Sediment cooking oil screens that will prevent food debris from dirtying your oil too quickly. You’ll be able to use it for a longer period of time without sacrificing food quality or taste.

Sediment Cooking Screens with a Custom Fit

Frymate features a wide selection of professional sediment cooking oil screens that work with today’s commercial fryers. However, if you have a model that isn’t represented in our inventory, we can design and produce screens for a perfect custom fit for your deep fryer. We make our deep fryer sediment screens with the best-quality materials designed to stand up to the high temperatures of heated cooking oil and long-term use.

We also prioritize safety when designing or deep fryer cooking screens. Their handles sit low and away from the bubbling oil, making them convenient and safe to lift. Minimize burns with our specially designed cooking oil screens. These screens are easy to remove and replace. They also clean up easily so you can sanitize after each day of use. Once you and your team use them, you’re sure to be thrilled with their performance.

If you want to purchase Frymate Deep fryer cooking screens, visit our product selection. We’re also here to provide any additional information you may need about our products and their use. Again, if we don’t carry screens designed to fit your make and model deep fryer, contact us using our special form to order deep fryer sediment screens designed to fit your model. We are committed to maintaining our fair pricing and stand behind the great quality of our screens.