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Increase the Life of Your Cooking Oil with Frymate Sediment Cooking Oil Filters

If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you know how frequently you have to change your cooking oil, and if you manage these establishments, you know about the expense of cooking oil. You can extend the life of your cooking oil simply by using Frymate deep fryer sediment filters. These custom sediment oil filters can increase the longevity of your kitchen’s cooking oil by up to 40%. That can translate into hundreds, even thousands depending on how many deep fried foods you cook each year. When you purchase your sediment cooking oil filters from Frymate, you can pay with nearly any form of currency; Frymate accepts over 100 forms of currency and sells its sediment deep fryer screens all over the world.

Sediment Cooking Oil Filters Save Money

You can save more money each month when you invest in purchasing sediment deep fryer filters. These filters will actually pay for themselves in a short period of time thanks to the money you’ll be saving on cooking oil. Frymate has designed sediment oil screens that keep your cooking oil protected for a longer period of time so that your kitchen staff doesn’t have to change the oil as often. You can continue to serve your customers the same great-tasting foods while saving more of your hard-earned profits.

Food Tastes Better with Sediment Cooking Oil Filters

Cost savings aside, Frymate sediment cooking oil screens help keep your cooking oil clean so that food tastes exactly how it’s meant to. Customers can tell the difference when foods are cooking in dirty cooking oil. Frymate has designed our sediment deep fryer screens with high-quality materials designed to stand up to routine hot oil cooking. We have created deep fryer sediment screens designed to fit any of today’s deep fryer models.

If you don’t see the type of sediment oil screens designed for your deep fryer model, just let us know. We can create custom sediment oil filters to suit your model precisely. Frymate strives to maintain our fair prices too. We provide quality commercial deep fryer sediment filters at competitive pricing. Order as many as you need to fit your fryers and outfit your frying stations.

No matter what foods your team prepares in your deep fryer, our cooking oil filters will keep your oil debris-free longer. Whether you’re cooking French fries, chicken tenders, breaded mushrooms, or onion rings, you can rely on our professional-grade deep fryer cooking filters to maintain the cleanliness of your oil for up to 40% longer.

Sediment Cooking Oil Filters Support Kitchen Safety

Frymate has sediment deep fryer filters that boast a safe design. Each screen has a handle that sits low to reduce hot oil splatters. Our sediment deep fryer screens and their unique designs can help keep your fry stations safer. It’s easy to train your kitchen staff to use Frymate’s sediment oil screens. The screens offer a custom fit for your deep fryer model. Cooking with them is easy, and the benefits they offer are unmistakable.

Shop for Deep Fryer Sediment Filters Online

Customers can use one of more than 100 different currencies to buy custom Frymate deep fryer sediment screens. Simply visit our website to shop our collection of sediment cooking oil screens. Each filter is crafted for longevity. With their quality construction, you can depend on our sediment oil screens to stand up strong use after use. You can also easily clean and maintain these sediment oil filters after use. Simply gently wash them in soap and water.

Remember, if you don’t see your deep fryer model listed on our website, fill out the online form or contact us to place an order for your custom sediment oil screens. We manufacture deep fryer sediment screens to customers’ exact specifications. No need to shop anywhere else. You can conveniently shop online with us for your sediment deep fryer screens. We’ll ship them to your location. We now sell our deep fryer cooking screens all over the world.

Start saving money on cooking oil for your commercial kitchen and order your custom sediment deep fryer filters from Frymate today. Our customers include restaurants, healthcare facilities, cafeterias, schools, assisted living communities, fast food eateries, and more. Use our deep fryer oil filters every time you fry to keep your cooking oil protected from excess food sediment. Contact us if you have questions or need more information about our high-quality deep fryer sediment filters.