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Sediment Filters are a great home improvement that saves you money, time and labor. 

With we can make cleaning easier with Sediment Filters.

Fryer cleaning is essential to avoid clogs and possible blockages of drains, filters, heat exchangers. offers replacement fryer filters, fry basket filters and other commercial fryer accessories.

You can try using a sediment filter to make cleaning quick and easy. With the right tools, household chores like kitchen cleaning don’t have to be such an arduous task. 

 If you’re a fan of fried food, you probably know that frying foods in oils and fats not only makes them taste amazing but also makes them much better for you. 

Sediment Filters at Looking for the perfect filter for your deep fryer? A new fryer sediment filter is just what you need! These affordable filters will ensure that all your fried foods are cooked to perfection.

Sediment Filters purify the water used in frying, removing particles such as dirt, rust or slime. They do not affect the life of the oil or shorten the life of your fryer. Removing impurities from the oil prolongs the life of commercial frying oil, saving money on replacements! This filter is easy to install and can be used with commercial fryers, oil filtration systems and cooking equipment.

 Cooking oil must be changed regularly because it becomes fouled with food particles. The easiest way to clean cooking oil is to change the fryer filters. You only need to change the filter each time you change the cooking oil. reports that the maintenance of cooking oil is important because over time it becomes contaminated with food particles. The easiest way to clean cooking oil is to change the fryer filters. You should change the filter every time you change the oil for the best results.

Sediment Filters Makes Oil-Safe

Frymate oil filtration systems reduce sediment that causes cloudiness, odors and off-flavors. offers filters to make oil safer.

It is the sediment found in used cooking oils that causes problems for restaurants and other food service facilities. When ultrafine particles of iron, aluminum and other metals rise to the surface due to heating, they are removed with Frymate oil filtration systems. offers safe oil Sediment Filters. This is part of an overall foodservice sanitation program to help protect customer and employee health and safety.

Properly filtered cooking oils remain clean, look clear and maintain their freshness much longer than before treatment. Filter life can be extended up to six times, as the filter acts as a magnet for metal particles.

 Frymate has fryer Sediment Filters designed to meet the needs of major fast food chains. These Sediment Filters are made of stainless steel mesh and are available in sizes to fit most standard restaurant fryer equipment.

Sediment Filters make oil safe by preventing food from absorbing harmful grease or contaminants from oil-based cooking during the frying cycle. 

 Sediment Filters make oil safe by removing sediment and impurities. They also remove fine particles that may contain remnants of old food, animals and even contaminants.

Our Guide to Sediment Filters is one of the largest suppliers of fryer supplies in the country. We focus primarily on cookware, such as the Frymate Cool Touch fryer, but our website covers just about everything that has to do with cooking food. offers a guide to Sediment Filters, an important part of your fryer’s filtration system.

What are Sediment Filters?

Sediment Filters are small, replaceable elements that are inserted into the fryer to remove contaminants from the oil before they enter your food. Replacing the filter every 1-3 months is critical to maintaining a high quality product.

Best practice is to change the filter every month.

Filter life depends on the amount of oil you fry with and how often you change the oil: light use, once a month; heavy use, every 2 weeks (2 filters are needed). The more contaminants in the oil, the shorter the filter life. If you don’t know when your last filter change was, it’s time to change the filter!

How do you change the sediment filter?

Follow this quick and easy step-by-step guide to maintain the quality of your fryer oil at

  1. Unplug your fryer or disconnect the power supply.
  2. Place a container under the “filter lid” on the bottom of the fryer. The filter is located in the lid and needs to be replaced on this side.
  3. Using a wrench or adjustable wrench, remove the hex nut that holds the filter in place. Have a new filter ready to install before removing the old one.
  4. Once removed, take special care not to damage any of the parts and carefully rinse the oil filter with hot water.
  5. Dry the filter and get ready to install a new one – it’s that simple!

Ready to get started? Shop for replacement Sediment Filters at 

Sediment Filters are designed to remove solid contaminants from food oils. The most common contaminants in this category are metal fragments, wood chips and other organic matter. 

If you’ve ever poured oil into a fryer and noticed any of these foreign particles floating around, you’ll definitely want to install an in-line filter. Parts of a sediment filter.

Sediment Filters consist of 5 basic parts: housing, filter cartridges (or elements), inlet and outlet valves and an automatic shut-off mechanism. 

Sediment Filters get cleaner Cooking Oil the “original fryer oil filtration company,” offers new fryer Sediment Filters. They are designed to improve the clarity of cooking oil, increase the life of fryers and are reusable up to one million pounds of oil.

The filters help make cooking oil much cleaner, according to the company. When oil is filtered, oxidation is reduced, minimal amounts of water and sediment are removed, the flavor of the oil is stabilized and the oil is given a longer life.

Sediment Filters result in cleaner cooking oil:

Basically, there are three stages of filtration. The first is when the oil is heated in the fryer, which removes any large particles that may be present. That’s why most people recommend frying only with the lid on.

The second stage is when the hot oil meets the cold air in the nozzle of the collection vessel to prevent gagging.

And the third stage is when the oil is further filtered through Sediment Filters that exist in many, but not all, food establishments.

Sediment Filters are a simple way to make your oil last longer. They can effectively double the life of your cooking oil, possibly more, depending on how long it takes you to consume a batch of cooking oil between frying sessions. These filters come in a 25-pack and fit existing units.

Food oil Sediment Filters are used to remove sediment from cooking oil. The sediments are formed by remains of bones, pieces of meat and other impurities found in it. 

Filtering Out Dirty Cooking Oil with Sediment Filters

Cleaning used cooking oil is becoming increasingly important, as well as disposing of it properly. There are many reasons why the filtering step should be performed. First of all, it helps to purify the contaminated oil (by removing burnt food particles or other dirt).  After filtration, the oil becomes usable again (in small for later reuse.

Secondly, it is very important, for health reasons, that the used oil is free of dangerous dirt and bacteria (which can be easily removed by filtration). 

These particles can cause foodborne illness if not removed. A small amount of dirt in the oil may indicate the previous use of poor quality ingredients (e.g., old oil, spoiled meat products). For this reason, filtration is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of the final product.

There are many ways to filter dirty cooking oil. If we want to reuse it, simply capturing solids with paper filters or metal mesh will not eliminate enough. The oil should be filtered until all visible dirt is removed, and it should be as clear as possible.

We are your best option, do not hesitate to contact us so that you can reuse your dirty oil without harming yourself.

Get Rid of Grease with Sediment Filters

The sedimentation filters allow us to remove grease and all toxic waste that may have our cooking oils. At you will find everything you need to take care of our oils. 

Sediment Filters are undoubtedly our best option! 

Remove grease with Sediment Filters Grease traps are necessary in all grease-producing kitchens. All commercial food establishments are required to have a grease trap.

You can remove grease with our filters due to the different levels of pressure applied to them. 

Sedimentation filters at help remove grease by creating increased pressure on the liquid as it passes through our filter. The liquid is forced through the tiny pores of the filter media, which removes all of the oil supplying the grease, allowing only clean liquid to pass through. 

As a result, harmful contaminants are removed and the filtered liquid can be reused again, extending its useful life.