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Clean fryer filters to reduce frying time.

Cleaning your fryer’s oil filter is important because the filter helps prevent dirt and debris from entering your frying machine. 

The Deep Fryer Filters can help reduce or eliminate frying times by 20% to 50%. Frymate filters also extend the life of your oil, which means you have to change or filter your oil less often, saving time and money on oil changes.

Deep Fryer Filters can be used in hot and cold oil, so you can use them with all types of frying, including: French fries, chicken, onion rings and more! 

After cooking, cleaning a Deep Fryer Filter can be the most daunting part of the job. But if you have Deep Fryer Filters, it can be so much easier! And we offer free shipping on Frymate Filter orders whether you’re catering or cooking. 

Deep Fryer Filters help extend the life of your fryer by minimizing the amount of cooking oil wasted. Frymate filter pads are pre-treated with an adhesive that absorbs food particles and any batter or breading that falls into your fryer. These Frymate filters can be reused frequently, typically eight times before they need to be replaced. 

Once a Frymate Deep Fryer Filters becomes saturated with food debris, simply remove the Deep Fryer Filters from your fryer and discard it – no more messy oil changes! Frymate Frymate Fryer Filters are sold in bulk packs of 50 filters for home or commercial use. Deep Fryer Filters also help reduce odors.

Deep Fryer Filters – Makes Oil-Safe & Easy to Clean

It’s really not that big of a deal, but one of the biggest dangers to your oil when frying is catching fire. claims to solve this problem with its Frymate Fireguard safety system, which will automatically extinguish any fire in the fryer while maintaining it.

Is the oil safe? says Frymate Fireguard is capable of extinguishing any fire (within the physical limits of the fryer), even if it takes up all of Frymate’s oil.

Is Frymate easy to use? The unit comes ready to use right out of the box, as it has its own on-board oil reservoir. You can check at

How much does Frymate cost? Frymate is available in different sizes (small, medium and large), and all are reasonably priced. Frymate prices can be viewed at

There’s nothing like frying up a huge plate of chicken cutlets or potatoes at home to satisfy the family. But there’s definitely nothing like doing it again because you’ve had to throw away the oil and buy more, which can also be a real waste. has come up with a solution that makes all your frying easier and much safer. Frymate is an oil pan that has created channels to pull waste particles to the bottom so they don’t fry, but allow air to circulate. Deep Fryer Filters under your pan and, thanks to the channels, you can dispose of the oil much sooner than usual.

Frymate’s Guide to Deep Fryer Filters

Deep Fryer Filters Guide is designed to help you choose the right Deep Fryer Filters for your foodservice business.

Deep Fryer Filters Guides are to fryers what instruction manuals are to toys. They contain information on fryer features, specifications, maintenance and cleaning, and step-by-step instructions for accessing the oil filtration system, all in one place. These small cards are designed not only for your customer service personnel, but also for users looking for information on how to get the most out of Frymate fryers.

These Deep Fryer Filters guides contain instructions for disassembling and replacing the oil filtration system. This guide is specifically designed to work with Frymate fryer oil filters.

This Filter Guide contains information about Frymate Fryers, including a list of unique features, as well as important safety warnings and maintenance guidelines. In addition, this guide includes a repair example with step-by-step instructions.

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10) How to replace the fryer’s Teflon air deflector 

11) Deep Fryer Parts List 

Deep Fryer Filters for Clean Cooking Oil

Fryer filters for clean cooking oil When you have a fryer at home, how can you be sure that the oil will always be clean? One way is to use the right fryer filter. At, we have all kinds of fryer filters for you. Frymate fryer filters are easy to use and perfect for professional chefs or for people who like to cook with fryers at home. 

Our fryer filter is made of stainless steel mesh, which is very durable and rust resistant. It has a frame that easily attaches to the top of the oil pan and is very easy to use. Frymate fryer filters allow you to not only filter the oil, but also prevent food particles from entering the oil while frying. This will help prevent damage to your fryer and make getting to and from the fryer a little easier, because there won’t be a lot of weight.

At we found Frymate fryer filters are the best because they are very strong and durable. Stainless steel does not rust after several months of being in the oil. Deep Fryer Filters are, without a doubt, essential for cooking oil, and Frymate makes it easy for you by providing different types to suit any need. 

Filtering Out Dirty Cooking Oil: A Review of Frymate’s Deep Fryer Filters

Deep Fryer Filters out dirty oil. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the performance to filter. The way it does this is by simply replacing the standard fryer mesh filter that most fryers use with the filter.

Deep Fryer Filters has a filtration pore size of 1 micron to filter out all unwanted debris from your cooking oil. This includes water, food particles and other contaminants that may be present in previously used cooking oil.

The filter only allows small drops of oil to pass through. As for the filtering capacity of the Deep Fryer Filters, this is a very advantageous feature. The Filter has a special stainless steel mesh that ensures that the cooking oil to be filtered is free of any additional particles or contaminants after being filtered.

You can clean your fryer with the filter in place. Frymate fryer filters are designed with special grids that allow the oil to be filtered without being easily released into your cooking oil. The Deep Fryer Filters also prevents food particles from sticking to its grid, saving you cleaning time.

Oil must be filtered before it can be reused. Deep Fryer Filters are designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination of potentially hazardous food particles from one batch of cooking oil to another.

When cleaning your fryer, always remember that the FryMate fryer filter must first be removed before cleaning the fryer with hot water or any other commercial cleaner.

Get Rid of Grease! Frymate Company’s Deep Fryer Filters

The Deep Fryer Filters was developed by with one goal in mind: to keep that oil fresh as long as possible so you can save money on expensive replacement fryer filters!

How to get rid of grease? Fryer filters remove all the oily and greasy mess from your fryers and vents. Fryer filters ensure that the oil stays clean for a long time. This will save you money by not having to change it as often. Frymate fryer filters are the most efficient product on the market for your frying needs.

Frymate fryer filters work by trapping all the grease and crumbs in the oil so they don’t get trapped in your vents and pipes. They are unlike any other fryer filter. 

Frymate fryer filters are the only fryer filters made with 100% stainless steel mesh because it’s durable, easy to clean and won’t absorb moisture. That means Frymate fryer filters last much longer than other brands of fryer filters because they won’t rust or disintegrate over time. 

This fryer filter is a must have for all fryers. This Fryer Filter is capable of trapping up to 99% of the grease in the oil, so you can reuse the same oil twice as long. When you’re done frying, simply lift the Deep Fryer Filters out of the Frymate Fryer and dispose of it in an empty trash can or fryer filter. The filters are ideal for any restaurant, food stand, fast food establishment, hotel kitchen or catering event.

The Deep Fryer Filters was developed by with one goal in mind: to keep the oil fresh as long as possible so you can save money on expensive replacement fryer filters! Frymate fryer filters are the most efficient product on the market for your frying needs.