About Us

Who We Are

FRYMATE, LLC, is the newly created U.S. subsidiary of FRYMATE INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD, an Australian privately held company that has had dynamic and accelerated growth servicing the hospitality and tourism industry since 2001.

The Founder and Entrepreneur of FRAYMATE LLC, dba, Frymate, Darren Watkins, is an international restaurant supply chain distributor of a one of a kind patented technology filter that gives Frymate Filters a cost competitive advantage in the “Oil Management”, filter industry by extending the useful life of oil.

This positions Frymate LLC as a competitive supplier in the filtered “Oil Management” (Sediment Tray) industry as the low cost producer saving restaurant owners

Thousands of Dollars Annually
By managing their Deep Fryer Oil cost

One Filter at a Time.
Frymate filters are manufactured in Australia and the U.S. Manufactured & Marketed in the U.S. (New Jersey), positions Frymate LLC for faster delivery via its local sales reps network throughout the United States.

FRYMATE LLC North American entity, headquartered in Cincinnati OH is expanding its international presence to include Canada & Mexico.

Why Choose Us

Frymate Deep Fryer Filters

By using a Frymate filter with your commercial deep fryer, you can extend its use safely by up to 40% longer without sacrificing the quality or taste of the food you serve. Our deep fryer screen products are value-based and will pay for themselves quickly with the money you save on cooking oil expenses.

Commercial kitchens and restaurants choose Frymate deep fryer filters because they fit seamlessly with their fryer tray and work with ease. Our patented deep fryer screens are easy to use and crafted with durability in mind. Customers use them again and again because they keep oil cleaner longer and enhance the functionality of their deep fryers. Browse our selection of Frymate filters to find options that suit your deep fryer or send us your fryer tray measurements and we’ll create a custom fryer filter design for you.